Upcoming Events

Financial Peace University
Weekend of January 10 through March 12, 2015

God called us to steward over his creation (Genesis 1:15) and that begins with the resources He has already given us.  In an era when overspending and consumer debt are the norm, we need to hear how God wants us to live--life with financial peace.

Given the importance of biblical stewardship, all of Columbia's Ignition Groups (i.e., small group Bible studies) are studying Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU) for nine weeks beginning the weekend of January 10/11.

Guest are welcome to visit an FPU group during this time.  As all the groups are studying the same material, it is also a good opportunity to visit several groups as a way of meeting different people.

Visit liveboundless.org for more information about our study of Financial Peace University