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Here are some of Columbia's other Ignition Groups (IGs):

Project 78 Ignition Groups
Sundays, 9:45 & 11:15am (multiple IGs each hour)

This fall, Columbia launches our new all-ages Project 78 material, LifeWay's The Gospel Project. Join other Columbians as we start a three-year journey through the storyline of Scripture. Each week you will encounter God’s plan of redemption and hear the call to join in God’s mission locally and around the world.

You can gain a deeper understanding of the Bible storyline by reading through the Bible over the three years of the Project 78 material. The reading plan requires no more than seven chapters of Scripture per week and tracks with the weekly Project 78 lessons. There will also be periodic get-togethers for people to encourage each other and share their experience of reading through the Bible. Contact: Eric Reiser.

Download the Project 78 companion Bible Reading Plan

Sermon Connection IG (new!)
Sundays beginning September 13, 11:15am, room 302

This sermon-based Bible study gives young couples the opportunity to respond to the sermon, further explore the Biblical text and consider the implications on our lives.  Our Ignition Group is part of the Young Couples Community, which provides couples in their 20s and 30s with a space where they feel cared for, can grow spiritually and have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships.  The Young Couples Community meets in room 309 for a short gathering time, and then our IG moves to room 302. Contact: Brian & Natalie Kent.

Dig Deeper IG:  Knowing and Doing What Is Right
Wednesdays beginning September 16, 6:30pm, room 323

This IG is for anyone who desires to grow in his or her faith. Using The Moral Vision of the New Testament by Richard Hays, we will learn how to discern a Christian ethic for the issues confronting the church and society. We will also examine the struggle we experience trying to live into our beliefs, and we will encourage each other along the way.  Contact:  Eric Reiser or Alicia Hoefke.

A Threefold Cord IG
Sundays, 9:45am, room 308

Our IG for couples in their 20s and 30s is reading Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges. While many people have become preoccupied with the major sins of our society, this study will help you overcome your struggles with “tolerable” sins such as jealousy, anger, pride, unthankfulness and judgmentalism. Contact: Debbie Baucom.

Saturday night IG
Saturdays, 7:15pm, room 22
This IG is for anyone looking for an IG after the Saturday night worship service.  In September we will continue our study of 2 Corinthians.  Starting October 4 we will be studying Prayer of Fire by Fred Hartley.  In this study you’ll learn the biblical steps to experience prayer on fire, which occurs when your initiative to meet with God in prayer connects with His initiative to meet with us with His passionate presence.  Contact: Neil Eckard.