Online Giving

We believe in joyful giving and offering all that we have to God selflessly. Whether we're contributing to the general fund, missions or building campaign, we take great pleasure in being used by God through our tithes and offerings.

Online Giving

Log into Access ACS to make an online contribution using a debit card, credit card or bank debit. Need a login? Register here first.

Other Ways to Give

  • Giving envelopes: Located on the back of pews for in-person gifts
  • Personalized contribution envelopes: Mailed to homes by request so you can contribute in person or by mail
  • Stocks and mutual fund shares: By making a gift of appreciated assets, you can bypass the capital gains taxes associated with the sale of these holdings

Contribution Statements

Email Greg Patton, Finance Associate, for a copy of your year-to-date contribution statement or questions about contribution statements.


For more information on giving opportunities, contact Donna Groover, Director, HR & Finance, 703-534-5740, x211.