Building Project Information

Generation to Generation2 Building Campaign

In-Service Vote to Approve New Building and Budget

Please join us at any worship service on Sunday, September 11 to vote to approve the new building.

What is G2G2?

Over 10,000 people walk through our building every week, and we want our facilities to reflect who we are and our passion for Jesus Christ. Churches in our area that do this well are prospering with flourishing membership, vibrant ministries and strong community ties. Others failed to keep up and paid the price. For that reason, the Columbia community has decided that it is time for us to increase and improvement our "Front Door to Metro Washington and the World".
2012 – 2013: We initiated Generation to Generation (G2G) In 2012, we recognized that to stay at our current Falls Church location, we needed more space for worship and education. After approving a plan to rebuild our site, hundreds of Columbia’s members and attendees pledged $5.5 million toward the $23.2 million costs, making it the most successful campaign in Columbia’s history. We are grateful to the leaders of this phase.

2015-2016: The Next Phase, Generation to Generation II (G2G2) In 2015 the church voted to create the Futures Team, a group of Columbia members and leaders tasked with bridging the gap between the cost of the project and the funds raised. The team listened to the concerns of the congregation and developed the following:

• A final construction cost, which is 25% lower than the initial estimate

• An updated communications plan to provide the congregation with regular project updates

• Financial and construction benchmarks so you know what to expect

For the building project to be successful, we must embrace our roles as stewards of Columbia and invest in our future while taking on a minimal amount of debt.

Our initial building project totaled $23.2 million, and our revised building proposal is $17.8 million. We’ve already raised $5.5 million in pledges and have received $3.3 million, and we will raise the remainder through contributions from Columbia members and financing.

Break-ground funding goal (G2G and G2G2 Campaigns combined) Once we have $10.5 million pledged, with $4.4 million of that in the bank, we will obtain financing for the balance, break ground and begin construction.

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