Initiate  We live in a culture that is void of any rite of passage that marks the transition from being a boy/girl into becoming a man/woman. Therefore we have boys and girls living in men's and women's bodies. Like many cultures before ours' we desire to mark the transition from childhood to man/womanhood. This Waypoint is aimed at preteens preparing to enter middle school. It will equip them and their parents with the tools and knowledge to enter into the adolescence world and live into the image of Christ, becoming the men and women God calls them to be. 

Initiate Schedule:

October 18th 11:15 IG: Who Is God and Why did He Create Me?

As we kick off the Initiate waypoint, students will be challenged to return back to the fundamental beliefs of Christianity in order to build and articulate a faith that is their own. During this time we begin by discovering who God is as well as His purpose for creating us. 

October 25th 11:15 IG: Who Is Jesus? What is Salvation? Who is the Holy Spirit?

In this time together, our discussion will be focused on completing the phrase, “Jesus Is _______.” Our hope for this week is that students would walk away with an understanding of who Jesus us, why Jesus’ death and resurrection had to happen the way that it did, why it is so important, and what it means for us now.

November 1st 11:15 IG: What is the Church? What is my purpose in the Church?

 Week after week we come to church and participate in the routine of worship, IGs, and service. During this session we will look at the church and its purpose, as well as begin to develop an understanding of our purpose within the church. After all, God’s story is told through the lives of His people and the work of His church. 

*** November 1st Parent Initiate Lunch at 12:30 in 301 building right after church***

November 15th 11:15 IG: Who Does God Intend For Me to Be?
Parents encouraged to attend with students!***

As we wrap up our class time together, we will finish our discussion by answering the overarching question of the Initiate Waypoint, who does God intend for me to be as a Godly man or woman? We live in a noisy world that confuses the way God originally intended for us to live as men and women created in His image. Join us as we debunk some of the myths the world tells us about man and womanhood and discover who God truly intends for us to be! 

Be on the look out for more dates to come! There will be a winter and spring Father/son and Mother/daughter get together. Date TBT!