Baptize  This milestone occurs when a person understands their sinfulness and accepts the forgiveness that comes through trusting one's life in God through Jesus Christ.  The milestone is marked by believer's baptism by immersion.  In preparation for baptism, the person may want or need to take a class that provides an introduction to the Christian faith (e.g., The Columbia Way, The Alpha Course, The New Christian's Class).

Upcoming Opportunities:
New Christian's Class for Children - This class is for children in 2nd - 6th grade who have made a commitment to follow Jesus.  Both parents and children will need to attend this class that introduces the basics of the Christian faith and helps prepare children for baptism.  Classes are held in the Fall and Spring.  The Fall 2013 class is currently underway.  For more information, click here.     

The Columbia Way or The Alpha Course - These are optional adult classes that can be taken prior to or just after baptism.  For more information, click here.

Children - Cynthia Dempsey
Students - Kris Clifford
Adults - Eric Reiser