Welcome to Adult Discipleship

Welcome to Adult Discipleship

The goal of the Adult Discipleship Ministry is to help Columbians grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.  As followers of Jesus, we are called to willingly submit to his Lordship in the way we think, feel, and act.  As we deepen our faith, we increasingly resemble the way Jesus modeled perfect, holy living.  As listed on the sidebar, Columbia offers a variety of ministries to help foster your spiritual growth.

Group Bible Study (Ignition Groups)

The core of our Adult Discipleship activities is our group Bible studies, called Ignition Groups (or “IGs” for short).  Our Ignition Groups help Columbia learn and live out Biblical teachings, and provide a place of community.  It is our expectation that all Columbians participate in an IG.  See here for more information about our Ignition Group ministry.  Download a list of fall 2015 Ignition Groups.

Other Adult Discipleship ministries
In addition to our group Bible studies, we offer a variety of community groups to help people find encouragement, friendship and support as they live out their spiritual journey.  As listed on the sidebar, we have a men's ministry, a women's ministry and a single adults ministry.

Our desire is to help everyone become and grow as disciples of Jesus.  If you would like more information about Columbia or our ministries, contact Eric Reiser, Pastor of Adult Discipleship.