Participant Resources

Web-Based, Phone-Based and other Electronic Bible Study Resources

Below are some electronic Bible and Bible-study resources. (web based) is the home for the NET Bible and the accompanying Bible study resources.  For the reading and study of the Bible, has created the NET Bible Study Environment (!bible/).  This site is an integrated bible study platform.  The main translation, which is searchable by passage or keyword, is the NET Bible.  However, the parallel tab provides ten English translations one on top of the other so that you can easily compare translations—a very helpful feature.  You can also see the underlying Hebrew or Greek and how the Hebrew or Greek words are translated.  Numerous articles are also available.  The home page also provides a number of other resources.  It has an extensive library of printed, audio, and video articles on a wide range of topics (Bible passages, theology and theological issues, church practices, etc.). (web based)
This website provides 23 English translations (including the 2011 NIV) that are searchable based on passage, keywords, or topic.  There are also audio versions for six English translations (CEV, ESV, KJV, NASB, NIV, TNIV) and two Spanish translations.  The website also contains some helpful resources:  the Inter-Varsity Press (IVP) New Testament commentary, the Matthew Henry commentary for the whole Bible, the Easton’s Bible dictionary, and two Bible Names dictionaries.  There is a mobile version of the website so that it can be used with IPhones, BlackBerry or other internet-capable mobile devices.

OliveTree (phone based)
OliveTree is a virtual library on your phone in which you download individual Bibles and Bible-study resources.  (Its library is much smaller than that of Logos.)  While some of OliveTree’s Bibles and resources must be purchased, many of them are free. (phone based) provides free audio Bibles for your IPhone.  It has dramatized versions of the English Standard Version (ESV), New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), and King James Version (KJV), and non-dramatized versions of the NRSV and KJV.  You can access by going to the IPhone Apps store.

Logos Bible Software (computer program & phone based)
This is a for-purchase electronic theological library.  With seven packages ranging in price from around $150 to over $2,000, you can develop a library based on the resources you need.  The Christian Home edition, the base product, contains 14 English Bibles, four commentaries, six reference books, seven Bible intros and surveys, maps, and other resources.  Higher end editions have hundreds to thousands of books, maps, music files, and other study tools.  You can separately purchase electronic copies of many well know books and commentary sets at prices below the price of printed editions.  All of the resources are fully indexed and searchable so that all resources related to a particular Bible passage are brought together when you open a Bible passage.  This is a phenomenal tool for Bible study teachers and a must for those in seminary.  Logos has an IPhone app so that all of its resources can be accessed on your phone.  They are currently developing a similar app for the Android platform.  Logos has also created which provides free Bible study resources.

BibleWorks (computer program)
BibleWorks is a for-purchase Bible research program.  BibleWorks offers original language Bibles as well as numerous (100+) Bible translations.  You can view an individual Bible or multiple translations side by side.  The program’s true strength is its search engine.  In additional to searches based on passage a word, you can create complex Bible searches based on a letter combination, word combinations in and across verses, Greek or Hebrew words, related words, and grammatical feature.  BibleWorks also has a few other resources (Bible dictionaries, synopsis, etc.).  This program is best for Bible study teachers and seminarians, though some of its basic features are being replicated by some free on-line resources.