We are honored that you trust us with your babies and will do everything in our power to provide a safe and secure environment where your child can learn the love of God through exploration, play and music.


Currently, we are using the Faithweaver Curriculum by Group Publishing for our nursery children.  Faithweaver allows us to partner with parents in in helping the very young take their first steps toward learning about God.


The safety of your children is a priority to us at Columbia Baptist Church.  All of our trained volunteers and staff working with your children have gone through a criminal background check. 

Checkpoint Electronic Check-In Procedures

We are currently using an electronic system called Checkpoint.  We feel it will not only contribute to the safety of your children but will also allow parents to rest easy while you worship. 

The process is simple:

(1)   Click on the NAME icon


(2)   Type your last name then a comma and your first name or first initial (i.e. Smith, Mary or Smith, M)

(3)   Find your family’s name in the list and click on the SELECT icon


(4)   Click in the empty box next to each activity or service that your child will be attending (i.e. 9:45 IG,
11:15 IG, and/or Kids Praise).  A green check mark will appear when properly checked in.

**You should ONLY check in the child that you are dropping off**

**If you and your spouse will be picking up your children separately, you will need to check in each
child separately so you will have different security badges for each child**

(5)   If this is your first time using the Checkpoint system, click on the Add Pager icon and enter the phone Number that we can reach you on if necessary.  For each subsequent check in, you do not need to click on
this icon unless you need to change the contact phone # and in this case, you would click on the Edit
icon and input the new contact phone number.


(6)   Click on the Next icon in the bottom right corner


(7)   Click on Print All Security Badges icon in the bottom right corner

(8)   The printer will print out one Parent security badge (this one will have only numbers on it with
no name) and one or more name badges with your child’s name, matching security number, phone
number, and list of the activities they will be attending.

(9)   Please keep the parent security badge with you and present it to the Greeter upon entering
the classroom and to the Greeter or Teacher when picking up your child so they can compare to ensure
they match before your child leaves with you.  This will allow an additional layer of security to the pickup process.  

If for any reason we need to get in touch with you while your child(ren) are in our care we will send a text message to your cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start my baby in the nursery?
When you are ready. Many parents introduce their babies to the nursery between 3 and 6 months of age but ultimately, it’s up to you.

What should I bring to the nursery with my baby?
You should bring a diaper bag that holds diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and any feeding items your baby will need. Comfort items such as a lovie or a special blanket can also be important for your little one. If your child suffers from separation anxiety, leaving an item of clothing that smells like you may help them settle. It would be helpful if you would label your diaper bag and any bottles or cups you bring.

How can I prepare my baby for the nursery? 
Come and spend a bit of time in the nursery with your baby so that he or she can develop a sense of familiarity with the space and the teachers. Develop a goodbye routine that is short and reassuring. We say a short prayer for our children, give them a cuddle and have them wave to us as we leave. Giving children a note from you that their teachers can read to them while you are gone can help ease anxiety. Even very young children are sensitive to the emotions of their parents. Stay positive. For many parents, leaving their baby for the first time is difficult. We want to support you as well as your child so let us know if you are struggling with this big transition. We can sit with you or text you reports of how your baby is doing.

What is the process for dropping my child off in the nursery?
The nursery greeter will walk you through the check in process. You will need to fill out an information card for your baby. Gary will bring your baby and your things into the nursery. You are welcome to stay with your baby until you and your baby feel settled. For the health and safety of the children we try not to have too many people entering and leaving the nursery so once you and your baby are comfortable with the Nursery, it is best if the greeter carries your baby into the room.

When will my child be promoted to the next age group?
Infants are promoted from the Tadpoles (‘bed babies’) to the Lemurs (crawlers) when they are confident crawlers. Crawlers are promoted to the Ducks (confident walkers/one year olds) when they are walking confidently. These ‘developmental’ promotions occur after the parent and the Director of Preschool Ministries or The Minister to Preschoolers have discussed the promotion. Teachers and parents are both welcome to recommend a child’s promotion but a Preschool Ministries Staff member should be consulted before the move takes place. Children aged 2 and older are promoted each September with their age group.

Preschool Leadership

*Amy Brereton, Minister to Preschoolers
Amy oversees all of the preschool programs that take place at Columbia. 

*Ashleigh Wykle, Director of Preschool Ministries
Ashleigh is the Full Day Director for the Child Development Center. She is also the lead on the Wednesday night Preschool Program and Preschool Special Events. Ashleigh works closely with Amy to oversee preschool programs at Columbia. 

*Megan Hunt, Child Care Coordinator
Meghan leads the Child Care team. Child Care is offered during week day Bible Study, for special events and meetings and on Wednesday nights for children under the age of 3 years old. 

Buddy Rhodes, 9:45 Preschool IG Coordinator
Buddy leads the 9:45 teaching team for children ages 1-5 years old. 

Jill Arvanitis, 9:45 Nursery Coordinator
Jill leads the 9:45 IG teaching teams for the infants and crawlers.   

Kathi Ayers, 11.15 Nursery Coordinator
Kathi leads the 11.15 IG teaching teams for the infants and crawlers. 

Sharon and Ed Cho, 11:15 Preschool IG Coordinator
Sharon and Ed lead the 11:15 teaching team for the children ages 1-5 years old. or

Jenny Harris, Greeter Coordinator
Jenny leads the Preschool Greeter Teams for Sunday IGs.

Losi Stubbs, Hospitality Coordinator
Lois leads snack planning and preparation for Sunday morning Preschool IGs.  

Catherine Davis, Family Dedication Coordinator
Catherine is the point person for Family Dedications at Columbia Baptist Church  

* Indicates Staff Member