Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry Team

The prayer ministry team seeks to ignite passion for Jesus Christ so that Columbia becomes a church of constant prayer.  Through its monthly meetings, the team considers additional ways to foster prayer as the foundation to our spiritual lives and the beginning and guide for all ministry.

Aspects of Columbia’s prayer ministry include:

Congregational prayer list Twice a week Columbia updates its congregational prayer list.  The list includes praises and prayer concerns.  If you would like to add to or update the prayer list, please send an email the prayer list or leave a voice mail message on the prayer line at 703-534-5740, ext. 264.

Weekly Prayer gatherings  
     Sunday Morning Prayer from 7:30-8:00am in Room 209  
     Sunday Morning Prayer
from 9:15-9:30am in Room 230

Services of Prayer  Columbia has a quarterly prayer service in which people gather for prayer.  In prior services, the church has prayed through The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) and Jesus’ high priestly prayer (John 17), has prayed to experience God’s healing, and for the people and ministries of Columbia.

Prayer training  The team offers Bible study lessons related to prayer.  Study topics include 1) a biblical understanding of the importance and power of prayer, 2) barriers to a prayer-filled life, and 3) various prayer methods.

Prayer library  The prayer ministry team is developing a library of prayer resources.  Please contact Eric Reiser, x270 if you would like to browse through or borrow any of the resources.

If you have a heart for seeing God’s people in prayer, consider joining the prayer ministry team.  Contact:  Eric Reiser, x270.