Summer Camp

When: July 17th - 22nd
Where: Daytona Beach FL
Who: 7-12th Grade Students 
Cost: $500
Registration: Register Here!
Description: We are changing it up this year and heading back to Daytona Beach Florida for an AWESOME week of camp! You can get all the details on bands, speakers, and schedule HERE!

Camp Details

  1. Columbia Release For and Camp Packet:
    • Click Here to Download (Link Coming ASAP)
  2. Drop-Off/Pick-up Schedule:
    • Drop-off - July 17th 8:30am at 301(Building) N Washington St Falls Church
    • Pick-up - July 22nd 12:00am (time subject to change)
  3. Emergency Contact:
    • Eric Schneiderhan: (610) 790-9821
    • Kris Clifford: (703) 861-7977
    • Kathy Schafer: (571) 275-1933