Parents of Students! 
Don't be mistaken...student ministry is not about students. It is really about parents. The partnership between parents and the Church is never more important than it is during the adolescent years. 

Upcoming Events

Initiate Waypoint Seminar
  • Sat. Mar 1st @ the Crossroads Campus 9:30-11:00am
    • Your teenager has a thousand different people and sources telling them who they should be. From TV ads, to peers, to celebrities, to advertising agencies, and more. In this seminar we explore who Christ says your teenager is and how parents and Columbia can partner together to form the identity of Christ in your teenager.

Easy Way to Get Involved

  • Parents, an easy way to get involved is to help us with food at our monthly youth group. If you have a teenager, then you know food is one of their love languages. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR SNACK SUPPORT