Parents of Students! 
Don't be mistaken...student ministry is not about students. It is really about parents. The partnership between parents and the Church is never more important than it is during the adolescent years. 

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What: Parenting Through Transitions: A workshop for parents of teens and children led by Casey Miner and hosted by Parents of Teenagers and Student Ministry. There is no doubt that there is an increasing number of young adults who are experiencing a "failure to launch" not only in our society, but also globally. During our time together we will discuss the reasons behind this rising trend, and how we has leaders and parents can equip our students to navigate life's major transitions. 

When: Sunday, January 8th from 5:00-7:00 pm. (light refreshments included)

Where: 1st floor of the 301 Building 

Important note from Shelby Roberts on this event: "
After listening to Casey talk with Curtis about young adults (18 – 25ish), and hearing the passion Casey has for this group, I realized that so much of what he has to say, is for the parents as well. I hear of too many stories of young adults who are not thriving, who are having “failure to launch.” I would love to hear Casey’s thoughts on these questions:

1. Why are we seeing more “lost” young adults? Is something happening in society that is creating a generation of young adults who are unable to transition into healthy adulthood?

2. I see more young men than women who are struggling. If this is true, what has caused it and how can we help correct it?

3. How do we help young people who have trouble adjusting due to what I call “border-line” special needs? They may have ADHD or anxiety issues that seem to hold them back from transitioning, but are not severe enough to allow them special needs privileges.

4. How can we help our children be less anxious and stressed and more confident and excited about growing up.

5. What can the church do to help?

6. In order to not be totally depressing, what are we doing right in society to give this young generation a head start on success? Looking at the young people who are thriving, what made them that way? How can we use this to benefit the rest of our children?  

Check out this video as an intro to the discussion!