Spend Yourself® Gardens

Story of the Week

We had
20 people work at our Crossroads gardens at different times during the weekend. We accomplished a lot. The new 40’ by 4’ raised bed built by our students on March 1st is almost full and we cleaned and refilled 24 EarthBoxes. The two piles of mulch and top soil by the exit drive were used to in filling the new raised bed. The potato towers are started and the Spend Yourself® Gardens banner is up. I thought we were ready to plant and then it started snowing.

About the Spend Yourself® Gardenshttp://www.columbiabaptist.org/uploads/earthboxes 2.JPG

Since 2010, the Spend Yourself® Gardens have demonstrated to Food Pantry clients how to grow vegetables and have supplied vegetables and herbs to the Food Pantry.
Since 2010, we have added two gardens at the Falls Church Campus, one in the vacant lot by our 301 Building (301 Garden) and one near our Child Development Center (CDC Garden).  Using 32 Earth Boxes, we planted maintained and harvested vegetables and herbs in our 301 gardens, and the CDC staff, parents and children planted maintained and harvested vegetable and herbs using 16 earth boxes in their CDC garden. Our youth have built ten additional raised beds for our Crossroads garden bringing the total to fourteen. During 2013, two Boy Scout Eagle candidates completed Eagle projects to level the ground and put down new ground cloth at our 301 gardens and build a shed for our Crossroads garden.


 In 2014, there are various ways you can join us in helping us grow fresh, local produce to share with families who visit the Food Pantry: 

    http://www.columbiabaptist.org/uploads/2012 Spring Break 009.jpgWater, weed and harvest produce from one of three Spend Yourself ® Gardens for a week or more. To sign up for a week contact the Lay Leader below.
    Are you spring cleaning or downsizing? Our gardens can use your excess tools. To arrange for drop off contact the Lay Leader below.
    Donate a portions of the produce from your home garden to the Food Pantry. Contact the Lay Leader below for convenient delivery options.
  • PRODUCE INPUT                                                                          
    On Saturday mornings a team of volunteers is needed to process produce delivered by Spend Yourself® and home gardeners for distribution to food pantry clients.   Duties include receiving produce from gardeners, weighing and logging produce and packaging it for distribution by food pantry volunteers to clients. Contact lay Leader below.
  • PRAY  For our volunteers, clients and the gardens.


Classes take place the first Saturday of January through June
from 8:30-9:30am at our Food Pantry locations
. Directions
In a cooperative effort with The Virginia Cooperative Extension, the Spend Yourself® Gardens offers free Nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations to teach our Food Pantry clients and the community how to eat better and use the vegetables and herbs provided through our ministry.

Our third 2014 Nutrition Class went very well.  We had over 36 people attend and the clients asked good questions and enjoyed the class.  We need additional volunteers monthly to help with food preparation for cooking demonstrations and passing out nutrition information to the clients.
We are planning another big effort at our Crossroads garden on April 5th from 9am to 1pm.  

The preschoolers and grade school children will plant the EarthBoxes on May 7th in our 301 Garden.


Through December 31, 2013 we provided the Food Pantry with 1,330 pounds of produce from the pounds of produce from the following sources:http://www.columbiabaptist.org/uploads/Earthboxes.jpg

  • Crossroads Spend Yourself® Garden
  • Pine Ridge Spend Yourself® Gardens

  • 301 Spend Yourself® Gardens

  • Other Community Gardeners  

  • Home Gardens