Wednesday Nights @ Columbia

Wednesday Nights @ Columbia

Activities Resume January 6

    5:15 PM Fellowship Dinner, Stephenson Hall
    6:20 PM Child Care & Children's Activities Begin
    6:30 PM All Adult Activities Begin


Fellowship Dinner 
Served from 5:15-6:30pm in Stephenson Hall
See additional information, including the menu.

Childcare & Children's Activities

Family Playtime: begins 6:00 pm

  • A time for preschool and gradeschool families to play together on the Playground & Field (weather permitting)

Infant and Toddler Care (6:30-8:00pm)

  • Ages 2 & Under, Rooms 237/238

Children’s Bible Study (6:30-8:00pm)

  • 3-4 Year Olds - Room 338
  • 5 Year Olds - Room 336
  • 1-2 Grade - Room 334
  • 3-4 Grade - Room 333
  • Preteens - Room 327-330

Adult Ignition Groups (6:30-8:00pm)

Inklings IG:  2nd Corinithians
Led by Dr. Mark Olson, Room 229

Do you ever wonder why God allows faithful believers to endure hardships? Is it a struggle to give gifts to God’s work? Join Leland Seminary President Mark Olson for a study addressing these very issues. Please bring your study Bible.

Dig Deeper IG:  The Baptist Way of Being Church
Led by Rev. Eric Reiser and Alicia Hoefke, Room 323
We will be looking at how the baptist (congregational) approach to church provides a unified vision for what it means to be a church and how that vision guides our internal practices (such as baptism, communion, church membership, and church governance) and our engagement with the broader culture. As the baptist way is contrasted against the hierarchical way used by the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, and Presbyterian churches, this study is quite helpful if you came from or know people from these different denominational backgrounds.

Men’s Bible study:  Festivals of the Bible
Led by Dr. Jim Baucom, Room 209

Join our senior pastor and other men as we learn about the Old Testament festivals, how they celebrated God’s acts of salvation, and how they are fulfilled in Jesus. This study will give you a greater appreciation for the Old Testament heritage that the New Testament rests upon, and the fellowship the comes from being with other men.

Joyful Sisters Women's IG:  Hosea by Jennifer Rothchild
Led by Jan Brinson, Room 127
Come join us as we look at the amazing love God has for his wayward people illustrated by the wondrous journey of Hosea. Hosea deals with betrayal and other life situations on his way to finding hope in God’s love and the coming Messiah.

Daughters of the King Women's IG:  Living in Jesus
Led by Carolyn Adams, Room 301 (new room!)
As we meditate on the Apostle Paul’s four prison epistles (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon), we will see that Jesus is above all, and that Christ is alive in His people and His people are alive in Christ.

Beyond Club
Led by Andrea Hilliard, Room 142

This group for young adults with special needs will study the Brick Bible featuring Lego illustrations. We meet on a biweekly basis.  Learn More.

Financial Peace University
Led by Donna Groover and Cheryl Vance, Room 308
Join us as we learn to break the chains of debt and seek a life of giving with joyful abandon.  Learn more.

Worship Preparation

Student Ministry Band Practices: Middle & High School, Bldg 301  Learn More

Orchestra: Sanctuary  Learn More

Sanctuary Choir: Room 124/Choir Room  Learn More

Adult Praise Band: Rehearsal, 8pm, Sanctuary  Learn More